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DeltaGRiC Vulnerability Management as a Service.  Special Offer!!

Don’t stumble on your Cyber Risks, Seek them out! …SAP & Open Source VMaaS special offer!!

  • Do you currently use a Network/Application scanning tool to assist with Vulnerability Management but have NO clue what is happening on your SAP landscape?
  • Do you know that SAP Security goes beyond Roles & Authorization, GRC or SoD?
  • Do you struggle with VA reports that provide large amounts of static and extraneous data, which has to go through huge distillation/filtering in order to make something actionable out of them?
  • Do you understand what Open Source Vulnerabilities lie within your in-house developed applications or even that 3rd party code powering your critical processes?
  • Are you already in a “legal case” just waiting to be initiated by the FSF, a competitor or saboteur for your breach of use of certain software components?

Don’t stumble on your Risks, Seek them out.

Experience the DeltaGRiC Vulnerability Management as a Service offering

New code and a robust underworld economy will be stoking the market in 2017 for zero-day vulnerabilities. With SAP vulnerabilities on the rise, as well as Open Source Vulnerabilities also on the rise, plus competent SAP & Open Source cyber security skills being rare, are you prepared to meet AppSec/DevSecOps needs for 2017?

@ DeltaGRiC, we expose the vulnerabilities others don’t catch. Speak to our Delta Team TODAY!!

Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, there is a universal truth… Application vulnerabilities are being discovered every day and it’s imperative to find them before someone else does. Vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element to defend against the ever-increasing incidence of data breaches


What do you get?

  1. Provide you with actionable security intelligence about your SAP landscape
  2. Provide you a holistic view of the threats your organization is facing on a day-to-day basis
  3. Stay “Spring Clean”; Spring cleaning is a fixed part of annual planning for many people, so why not in your productive system?
  4. Know what lies in your code!!

Our unique, hybrid delivery model, leveraging next generation security assessment system from ERPScan and BlackDuck plus access to a Personal Dedicated Security Analyst, for an unparalleled accuracy of results.

Sign up before March 1, 2017 and get a FREE Month worth of Service*

Sign up before February 14, 2017 and get 2 SAP IPs + 100MB worth of code scan FREE*


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