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DeltaGRiC Consulting; the ONLY consultancy within the SAP Africa Ecosystem focused on helping African businesses running on SAP have a secured SAP landscape just recently completed the first ever referenceable SAP cybersecurity project on the continent of Africa at the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC).

The aim of the project as is the objectives of DeltaGRiC was to critically examine the SAP landscape of the Royal Swaziland Sugar corporation from a Vulnerability Assessment point of view, look into the existing configuration, privileges and rights of users within the landscape as well as the custom programs (Z-programs) in order to identify where loopholes that could potentially permit insider and external attacks on the SAP landscape. Upon go-live completion, RSSC now has a deeper understanding of their SAP landscape from a cyber security perspective and there is a better understanding of the necessary look out points as regards the integrity of the SAP landscape which in effect could affect the overall IT Infrastructure.

we recognize that keeping a secure cyber security posture on our SAP Application landscape goes a long way to helping us build an organization that is healthy and works for the benefit of all stakeholders; partners, shareholders and employees alike says the Infrastructure Manager at RSSC during the go-live of the project

This will be the first time on the continent of Africa that a SAP centric cyber security project is delivered. It was delivered on budget and on time by duo-team members of DeltaGRiC Consulting and ERPScan (a global leading firm in SAP pen testing, SAP vulnerability Assessments and detecting of 0-day vulnerabilities). The combination of the team gave a dynamic approach to the execution of the project using the Industry’s most respected and multi award winning tool – ERPScan Monitoring Security tool and a project management methodology that gave room for flexible yet firm delivery.

Generally, cyber threats on IT landscapes have become a boardroom topic and something to be discussed from a strategic approach. At RSSC, we make it a point of duty to take all the necessary security measures that needed to be taken on our SAP landscape as per SAP recommendations, hence, the implementation of this cybersecurity project came through at the right time to show us what we could do better and how to maintain a more formidable SAP landscape. – CIO RSSC.

Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation continues to lead in the deployment of innovations in Africa and becomes the first referenceable corporation in Africa to initiate a SAP centric cyber security program. With the help of DeltaGRiC Consulting and ERPScan – leading global SAP cybersecrutiy experts, the implementation will enable RSSC take real time actions to continuously monitor the integrity of their SAP landscape from a security perspective in the most intelligent manner.


About DeltaGRiC Consulting

DeltaGRiC Consulting is the ONLY SAP Africa Ecosystem consultancy focused solely on helping SAP run & Oracle-PeopleSoft run organizations mitigate cyber-security risks and compliance violations using the Industry’s multi-award winning and most credible solution – ERPScan Monitoring Suite. DeltaGRiC’s niche proposition is SAP/Oracle Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and SAP Forensics as well as Threat Pattern Formulation & Detection

About ERPScan:

ERPScan is the most respected and credible business Application security provider, founded in 2010 and highly rated by CRN and Gartner for innovation in cyber security. Its primary mission is to close the gap between technical and business security and provide solutions to evaluate and secure ERP systems and business critical Applications from both cyber-attacks as well as internal fraud. Located in Netherlands and US to operate local offices and partner network spanning over 20+ countries across the globe (this enables monitoring cyber threats in real time while providing an agile customer support)

About Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation:

The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Limited (RSSC), is one of the largest companies in Swaziland. Listed on the Swaziland Stock Exchange and employing over 3 500 people and with a production capacity of two-thirds of the country’s sugar as well as a significant quantity of ethanol. RSSC manages 15 607 hectares of irrigated sugar cane on two estates leased from the Swazi Nation and manages a further 5 018 hectares on behalf of third parties, which collectively deliver approximately 2.3 million tonnes of cane per season to the Group’s two sugar mills.


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