Open Source Security

Open source is powerful, and the best developers in the world use it, but it’s time to stop ignoring the security concerns and start tracking the dependencies in your software

Did you know that up to 90 percent of an application typically consists of third-party components, mostly open source? And did you know that more than 50 percent of the Global 500 use vulnerable open-source components?

In today’s software development environment, an enormous amount of work is crowdsourced to a large community of open-source developers and communities with very little understanding of the security problems that this creates, let alone ways to manage this risk.

Open Source is a critical part of your applications and Docker containers, but with thousands of open source vulnerabilities reported every year, you need to make sure you know what open source is making its way into production.

Our Open Source practice, assists organizations to easily find out if there are open source vulnerabilities in your application or Docker container and also gives you the opportunity to have a complete Open Source Security monitoring in your app or container; Amongst many things, you get to:

  • Automatically inventory the Open source components in your app or container
  • Known vulnerabilities affecting those components
  • Steps you can take to mitigate your Security risks
  • Adequately map out the Licence violations to help prevent legal suit against your company.
  • Position your application for operational excellence by assisting you mitigate the operational risks of use.


Speak to us today and let us help you to gain the truly secure, cheaper and faster way of using Open Source Software (OSS) develop innovative products at your company.