OSS Logistics;  The most Powerful Force in Business Today!

The concept of logistics is part of the lexicon of business planning. At its core is the idea that complexity does not inevitably lead to chaos as long as there is a coherent flow of dependencies amongst data, people and things. Black Duck OSS logistics Solution provides enterprise with Systemic control over the successful integration of open source into the development and deployment of software.


  • Chose the right open source code for an organizations needs
  • Scan the code for its origins and licenses
  • Approve code automatically with built in policies and workflows
  • Inventory and track where and what code is used
  • Secure products against vulnerabilities
  • Deliver products and code confidently throughout the supply chain and to end users.



Choice Begins with the foundation of Knowledge. To help companies make the most informed choice, BlackDuck created the Black Duck © Knowledgebase TM, the world’s most comprehensive resource for Open Source project information

The knowledgebase tracks:

  • Over 1 million unique projects
  • On more than 8,400 sites
  • With over 2400 unique software licenses


With this information, companies can easily compare projects, languages, and repositories – promoting informed decision making and saving time and money



The Ability to automatically scan and identify what Open Source code is used within specific Applications is a key step in proper open Source Software management. BlackDuck’s scanning and audit OSS logistics offering allows companies to:

  • Learn About code origins
  • Identify licenses and support compliance
  • Eliminate manual effort
  • Increase visibility and reliability



When Developers are empowered with automated approval process built on the right Policies for governing the use of Open Source, Companies can:

  • Eliminate identification of software components
  • Speed identification of software components
  • Mitigate Risk without Slowing developers down
  • Collaborate seamlessly



To help developers write innovative, secure code while speeding time to market, an organization needs a company-wide, intelligent catalog of approved software that “learns” with use.

With BlackDuck ‘s OSS Logistic Solution, a company can build a catalog to:

  • Index components from repositories across the organization
  • Track and search components throughout applications
  • Encourage standardization and code reuse
  • Automate open source governance process.



Continuous Monitoring ensures that When security vulnerabilities associated with a specific component arises, they are quickly flagged for resolution. With black Ducks OSS logistics solution, companies will be able to:

  • Receive Regular National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD) alerts with severity rankings
  • Quickly locate and remediate security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Analyse potential security, operational and legal risks



OSS Logistics solutions allow enterprises to be confident in the product and code they deliver throughout the supply chain and to end users. Black Duck provides a license obligation report and an easily consumable bill of materials (BOM) so external customers and internal stakeholders can know exactly what is in a company’s products and software.

BlackDuck follows the software Package Data Exchange © (SPDX ®) standard to document and share open source content, licenses and copyrights associated with a software package.


Speak to us today and let us help you deliver on the promise of open source by managing its flow throughout the enterprise