Open Source Software Security

It’s time to stop ignoring the security concerns and start tracking the dependencies in your software.

SAP Solutions 360 degrees
Single point of accountability for all SAP
application related issues
Analytics, Mobility, Applications, Cloud and Social
Solving key business and IT challenges
identified by companies
Security 360 degrees
Wholistic approach to Security on application Layer
Best in class Security assessment Engine security
for SAP and Oracle
Partner with the only company in Africa focusing
on Security on SAP and PeopleSoft.
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Enterprise Application Security

DeltaGRIC specializes in the protection of Enterprise Applications (SAP and Oracle).

Penetration Testing! 90%
Intrusions result from known Vulnerabilities.
Black box tests to replicate methods
used by External hackers
White box penetration tests to
simulate attacks by Insiders
Code Vulnerability Assessment 360 degrees
Proactively Detect and Remove Security
Vulnerabilities in custom applications
before they are discovered and exploited by attackers.
Reviews of ABAP, Java and WebDynpro programs to
assess the quality of internally-developed
or third-party delivered code.
SAP Cyber Security 360 degrees
An end-to-end protection for the entire
SAP Technology stack by securing SAP networks
and hosts, protecting Remote Function Calls,
locking down access
to critical administrative functions.
Embedding deep-rooted forensics and maintaining
secure system configurations.
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DeltaGRiC Software Advisory

Our Software Advisory arm acts as trusted advisors to businesses of all sizes and type.

Outsourcing 100%
Guidance on the most appropriate strategies
for outsourcing or offshoring IT services
address their most complex business issues
from strategy through execution.
Ensuring effective controls are implemented.
Our advice is independent and geared
to the specific needs of each client.
Right Skill Mix 1:1:1
ERP implementation analysis on SAP, Oracle
Systems Integration, support and advice
Technology sourcing for transformation
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Prospective Clients

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OSS Logistics

We perform a series of steps to make sure that we check your application thoroughly to eliminate the odds of being attacked from existing vulnerabilities…
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SAP Penetration Testing

It goes without saying that a user with SAP_ALL can be referred to as SAP GOD…
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SAP Forensics For Organisations

Every breach occurs in such a way that the attacker (s) always leaves a signature tracks behind…
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Oracle Vulnerability Assessment

With the Largest database of Oracle PeopleSoft issues including 0-days exploits, we work with our partners – ERPScan to deploy Industry’s first vulnerability management solution for Oracle PeopleSoft.
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In-Depth Training Workshops

We offer onsite and remote trainings though our technical partners.
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